- January 23rd, 2006
After a brief period of server breakdown, you can now download Björnocatör sound and film samples again!!! Just go to the 'Songs' page or follow the link from the 'Home' page to get examples of Björnocatör's awesome performances once again!!!

- December 21st, 2005
Review of the concert on 17th of December, 2005 - and brand new video samples on the 'Songs' page!!! And brand new pics from the show on the gallery page!!! But first thing's first... Man, that was truly a great night; Björnocatör played with the usual fury, which increased considerably during the show, due to a particularly enthusiastic crowd of students from Sønderborg Statsskole. This meant head-banging and stage-diving of a caliber seldomnly seen at Björnocatör concerts - truly AWESOME!!! So... many thanks for that to Rasmus & Rasmus, Karsten, Sofie, Christian, Andreas, Magnus, Kasper, Nikolaj and all the rest of you great guys and girls - you guys ROCK : )

- December 14th, 2005
A change of times for the concert on Sønderborghus on Saturday 14th - Björnocatör will be playing at 21.00 hours instead of Ballbreaker, who will be finisihing up at 23.30 hours. This concert is gonna be a blast, head-bangers, so don't miss it!!!

- October 25th, 2005
Yet another gig has been booked for the autumn season - Björnocatör will be playing on Skråen, Aalborg on the 29th of December alongside Travelane and ever-rockin' Melodic Meltdown. And yes, we certainly expect to wake up the drowsy and constipated X-mas hard-rockers of Aalborg!!! Better beware, head-bangers : )

- October 19th, 2005
New songs on Björnocatör's set-list - Dio's "Holy Diver", Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast", Slayer's "Blood Red" and Ozzy Osbourne's "Mama I'm Coming Home" are all new additions to Björnocatör's repertoire. Played with the usual Björnocatör fury!!!

- August 8th, 2005
Another gig has been booked for the coming autumn season - Björnocatör will be playing on December 17th in Sønderborg. The occasion is 'Hus Rock' and the location is hard-rockin' Sønderborghus, so you'd better have your earplugs ready, head-bangers of Sønderjylland, 'cause we're comin' your way!!!

- August 3rd, 2005
Bjönocatör is finally back from a long, well-deserved summer holiday and will be playing on the 20th of August. The occasion is a headbanger's ball at Road Hogs MC's place in Vestbjerg. And it's gonna be a hell of a ball, trust me on that one!!!

- April 13th, 2005
Finally, after more than a year of hard work, the Björnocatör guestbook is up and running. Try it out and write your comments on the homepage, the band, the music and whatever comes to mind!!! Be hearing from ya', headbangers!!!

- Febuary 19th, 2005
Here they are - fresh sound samples from Björnocatör's concert on 15th of January at Studenterhuset, Aalborg. Four samples are provided for your listening pleasure: Ace of Spades, Creeping Death, I Wanna Rock (for the first time) and Master of Puppets. Enjoy, headbangers!!!

- January 28th, 2005
You can now download video samples of some of Björnocatör's performances!!! Clips of 'Bastard', 'Breaking the Law' and '2 Minutes to Midnight' can be found on the Songs page, along with a three and a half minute long promotion video. The quality of this last one is excellent, so you'd better check them out!!!

- January 19th, 2005
Review of the concert on 15th of January 2005 at Studenterhuset, Aalborg - man, that was a good show!!! As usual, Björnocatör kicked serious Metal ass, and we will be uploading sound samples to prove this shortly. As it turned out, the fact that we were only given 30 mins of concert time meant that our songs were twice as fast and furious than usual. This was a good one, headbangers : )

- January 14th, 2005
A change of plans regarding the concert on the 15th of January at Studenterhuset - Master Of Puppets from Odense will be replaced by Guns Tribute from Århus. This shouldn't matter much, as these guys kick ass as well (or so we are told). And this means that Björnocatör will be playing Metallica - so watch out, you fans of James, Lars and so on...

- January 4th, 2005
Björnocatör will be supporting Maiden Aalborg and Master Of Puppets from Odense on a night of True Metal Mayhem - January 15th on Studenterhuset, Aalborg. This is gonna be a show you don't wanna miss, so be there or be a true wimpy ass soft-rocker!!! See ya', headbangers : )

- January 3rd, 2005
Review of the concert at Skråen on 28th of December, 2004. And check out the pics onthe gallery page!!! The concert went as good as you would expect after more than six months of complete Björnocatör shutdown - we made the occasional error that we didn't make six months ago... Apart from that, the relatively small crowd (app. 50 people) enjoyed the show tremendously, as did we ourselves. So once again: Rock on, headbangers!!!

- December 16th, 2004
Good news to all you True Metal fans out there - Björnocatör will be playing on December 28th!!! The venue will be Skråen in Aalborg, the time will be 21.00 hours, the price will be 50 DKR and we will be supporting Melodic Meltdown on this occasion. Check out the Skråen homepage www.skraaen.dk for additional info. And we will be seeing YOU, Rockers!!!

- November 20th, 2004
Finally, Björnocatör is back in business - ready to rule the True Metal world once again! As yet, no concerts are booked in the immediate future, but hopefully that will change in a very short while - plans are being made with Studenterhuset in Aalborg, once again, which preferably will result in a gig some time in the beginning of 2005. 'Till further notice: Rock on, head-bangers!

- April 19th, 2004
Review of the concert at Hells Angels place on 17th of April 2004: The gig was not entirely succesful, to say the least... A good performance in the first set (with the exception of the occasional rythm guitar troubles, deriving from a defective cable) was replaced by drunk Björnocatör supporters scaring away the few remaining listeners (Jönne knocking over tables, beers and people and eventually being thrown out) and Jönas being too drunk to play a single decent (not to say correct) note on the lead guitar. Nevertheless, the remaining Hells Angels were well pleased with the performance and promised to provide more people for an encore, if such an opportunity should arise. However, one thing is beyond question: The entire evening was most definately True Metal!!!! Pics and sound samples will follow A.S.A.P.

- March 24th, 2004
Now introducing a brand new Björnocatör creation: the unholy Crypt of Skulls. All you gotta do to find it is to follow the Björnoctör skull axe in the top banner of Originals, Covers and Merchandise. Check it out!!!!

- March 8th, 2004
Björnocatör will be playing in Nørresundby on 17th of April, 2004. The occasion is a Hells Angels party - the location is their place in Nørresundby. Previously, Hells Angels parties in Nørresundby have featured some of Dk's finest hard rockers - among them Pretty Maids - so Björnocatör has some big shoes to fill. And we promise... it's gonna be a hell of a concert!!!

- March 2nd, 2004
Whoa, that was a hell of a concert on 28th of Febuary at Studenterhuset, Aalborg!!! Just a lot of metallizers having a blast, both on and off stage!!! Eternal gratefulness to Melodic Meltdown and Insidiöus Törment - you guys truly rock!!! Pics will follow shortly and can of course be viewed on the gallery page.... Rock on, baby ; )

- February 18th, 2004
You can now download samples of some of Björnocatör's covers. Try it out on the covers page!!! Currently, we provide the True Metal listener with samples of the following 8 songs: Ace of Spades, Bastard, Breaking the Law, Creeping Death, Seek and Destroy, The Antichrist, War Pigs and Warriors of Ghengis Khan. More samples will follow...

- February 10th, 2004
The plans have changed and April 1st is not an option at Ungdommens Hus in Fredericia. We are still working on a concert down there, though, and hopefully a new date will be set within a very short while. Keep an eye on this page!!!

- January 15th, 2004
Björnocatör will be playing alongside Insidiöus Törment at Ungdommens Hus in Fredericia. The date is not completely set yet, but April 1st, 2004 seems to be it.

- January 12th, 2004
Ongoing preparations for the concert at Studenterhuset, Aalborg on 28th of Febuary, 2004 now include negotiations with various journalists, film crews and live role-players!! Find out more on Insidiöus Törment's homepage (link below).

- December 13th, 2003

The Björnocatör home page is finally up and running. The following links are currently available:
Home, Gallery, Originals, Covers, Band Members, Biography, News, Concerts, Merchandise and Contact.

- December 9th, 2003
Once again, Björnocatör will be playing at Studenterhuset, Aalborg. This time, they will be playing
alongside Melodic Meltdown and, as always, the indispensable Insidiöus Törment. The date is
28/2-2004. More info on: www.studenterhuset.dk/koncerter
Also check out the homepages of Melodic Meltdown and Insidiöus Törment;
www.melodicmeltdown.dk and www.insidioustorment.com.

- December 7th, 2003
Björnocatör is starting down a completely new track - the band is writing it's own material now.
Currently, the band has finished the song "The World Is a Vampire"
and is working on several
other ones.

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